"Treating disease by ferroptosis drug discovery"

Ferroptosis, the mechanism we are targeting, has been reported and attracting attention for its involvement in various diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Through many years of research, we have developed anti-cancer drugs utilizing ferroptosis. We would like to deliver our drug to patients suffering cancers as soon as possible, and we really would like to eradicate cancer and relieve patients. We are promoting development with these feelings in our chest.

And by utilizing the know-how of ferroptosis research, we aim to contribute to creating a society where everyone can live healthily at ease, by developing not only cancer drugs but also drugs for other diseases.


Yuji Otsuki



現 慶應大 研究員 / 藤田医大 特別研究員

Hideyuki Saya

MD. Ph.D. Director

神戸大学医学部卒、神戸大学博士課程(医学)修了。慶應大 教授時はトランスレーショナルリサーチをリード。

現 藤田医大 教授

Osamu Nagano

DDS. Ph.D. Director


現 慶應大 准教授

Toru Natsume

Ph.D. Director

東京大学農学系研究科卒、京都大学博士課程(医学)修了。産総研 研究センター長として創薬研究に従事。複数ベンチャー経験も持つ。

現 産総研主席研究員 /株式会社RBI CSO

Nobuhiro Nishiyama

Ph.D. Director


現 東工大 教授 / ナノキャリア株式会社 SA

About Us

会社名 株式会社FerroptoCure
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設立 2022年5月30日
資本金 600万円
事業内容 各疾患に対する治療薬の研究開発